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Big Game Hunting in Newfoundland

Guiding JR – “Phew Man”

You see them come and you see them go but at first glance you knew this young man was ready to rock and roll and that he knew his craft, he knew how to hunt. He came to Newfoundland to hunt moose with his father, Steve, and his friend, Max. This was his first guided hunt outside of his homeland and he did not know exactly what to expect but whatever it was he was ready for it. Jeremy Robertson is from Indiana and ironically many of the people from Newfoundland and those from Continue reading

Some Of The Best Hunts In North America Lie Right At Your Fingertips

The following article appeared in Bowhunter Magazine and was written by Steven Michelucci. Steve set out to book a hunt solely through the Internet. This is how he did it. .COM HUNTING was his first story for Bowhunter.COM

I LIVE IN CALIFORNIA, and I have hunted most of the Western states for big game. But I had always dreamed about hunting in Alaska or Canada, specifically for moose and caribou. When I’m not hunting, I spend a lot of time reading magazines, watching hunting videos, and practicing with my bow. I finally decided it was time Continue reading

A Newfoundland Hunting Experience – A Father & Son Re-bonding in a Newfoundland Hunting Trip

The following article was written by Peter Bercik. Peter’s accomplishments in life are many, from being a commercial pilot with over 13,000 flying hours to serving as CEO of a chain of technical institutes throughout the United States and Canada. A past that also involved a stint with nationally televised news and production. He has written many articles on education, produced TV motion pictures and audio visual productions.

Peter is an avid hunter who has hunted throughout the United States and Canada. At age 74 he looks back Continue reading

World Record Woodland Caribou Taken at Loon Lake, NL

The following excerpt was taken out of the Longhunter Muzzleloading Big Game Record Book, 2nd Edition, and was written by Mr. Collins Kellogg. Collins came to take a record Woodland Caribou with a muzzleloader. His summary is typical of the hunt and services provided by Sou’wester outfitting.

World Record Muzzleloading Woodland Caribou
299 7/8 — Loon Lake, Newfoundland
by Collins F. Kellogg

Many experienced big game hunters consider the caribou one of the easiest animals to hunt, if not the easiest Continue reading

An Unbelievable Newfoundland Hunt

The following article appeared in a local Newfoundland newspaper. A writer just happened to be dining at the same restaurant as three ecstatic hunters and overheard them boasting of an incredible week. The reporter pulled out his notepad and before long had the information for an interesting story.

Province of Newfoundland a Well-kept Secret Say U.S. Hunters

Three moose, two caribou and one bear later, three American hunters headed back home.

Tom Muchesko of Chicago, Illinois, Evie Griego of Richmond, Virginia, and Tim Jackson of Palisade, Idaho, spent a week on Loon Lake in Area 37, Grey River, to try their hand at hunting in Newfoundland’s wilds. They each found out about hunting in the province through articles in various hunting magazines. The three men were clients of Sou’wester Outfitting, operated by Dean Wheeler of York Harbour. Continue reading