Big Game Hunting in Newfoundland

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Guiding JR – “Phew Man”

You see them come and you see them go but at first glance you knew this young man was ready to rock and roll and that he knew his craft, he knew how to hunt. He came to Newfoundland to hunt moose with his father, Steve, and his friend, Max. This was his first guided...

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Woodland Caribou World Record Taken at Loon Lake, NL

The following excerpt was taken out of the Longhunter Muzzleloading Big Game Record Book, 2nd Edition, and was written by Mr. Collins Kellogg. Collins came to take a record Woodland Caribou with a muzzleloader. His summary is typical of the hunt and services provided...

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An Unbelievable Newfoundland Hunt

The following article appeared in a local Newfoundland newspaper. A writer just happened to be dining at the same restaurant as three ecstatic hunters and overheard them boasting of an incredible week. The reporter pulled out his notepad and before long had the...

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