Big Game Hunting in Newfoundland

An Unbelievable Newfoundland Hunt

The following article appeared in a local Newfoundland newspaper. A writer just happened to be dining at the same restaurant as three ecstatic hunters and overheard them boasting of an incredible week. The reporter pulled out his notepad and before long had the information for an interesting story.

Province of Newfoundland a Well-kept Secret Say U.S. Hunters

Three moose, two caribou and one bear later, three American hunters headed back home.

Tom Muchesko of Chicago, Illinois, Evie Griego of Richmond, Virginia, and Tim Jackson of Palisade, Idaho, spent a week on Loon Lake in Area 37, Grey River, to try their hand at hunting in Newfoundland’s wilds. They each found out about hunting in the province through articles in various hunting magazines. The three men were clients of Sou’wester Outfitting, operated by Dean Wheeler of York Harbour.

Muchesko said his time spent on the island was something he’ll never forget. “I do this every year; I pick some place different every year,” he said. “I was very happy with what I found—they (outfitters) provided everything they promised.”

Griego said he went on a hunting excursion to Africa last year, but his experience in Newfoundland by far outweighed the exotic continent. “This is just so much more amazing,” said Griego. He said the guides—Ray Humber, Austin Childs and Brad Wheeler, were “unbelievable—they must be the toughest people in the world.” With a chuckle, Griego said they probably would have carriedAn Unbelievable Newfoundland Hunt him out if he couldn’t walk any further. And the actual camp facility was incredible too, he said. Home cooked meals and good old Newfoundland hospitality were the order of the week. “They choppered in the materials for the cabin,” said Griego. “It’s a beautiful place. It’s amazing they made a facility that nice out in the middle of nowhere.”

“Newfoundlanders have to be the most cordial people I’ve ever met,” added Jackson. He said the experience was “one of the best hunts I’ve ever been on in my life.” But he said he had to really dig to find out about the province. “It’s the best kept secret,” said Jackson, adding that the provincial government should be spending more money on promotional advertising. “I called to have hunting information sent to me, and all I got was one piece of paper with about 10 guides listed on it.” “They should spend some money on advertising, particularly in the United States, because it’s not that much money to come here and hunt, relatively speaking,” he said.

Muchesko agreed, saying that if the province were to advertise the kill rates on the island, there’d be no problem drawing people in. “The kill rates here are probably as good as they are anywhere in the world,” he said.

Jackson added that the province would reap the benefits from out-of-province license fees, plus local outfitters and other operations would see spin-off business.

In the meantime, the three hunters said they’ll do their best to make sure the word gets out. “We have a lot of hunting buddies—we’ll spread the word”, said Muchesko.