Big Game Hunting in Newfoundland

Sou’wester Outfitting Hunting Testimonials

“The hunting experience in Newfoundland was awesome.  From the moment our charter landed at Caribou Lake on a Sunday afternoon I saw animals.  I saw bear, moose and caribou roaming around camp before the hunt even started.  Monday morning, the first morning of the hunt, I shot a nice caribou after a long spot and stalk. Then it was on to moose hunting. We saw moose every day throughout the hunt and John, my guide, called in a total of 7 bulls within range with three of those coming to within 25 to 30 feet of where we were waiting.  Of all my hunting experience I have never witnessed the level of excitement I felt when John started calling moose, sometimes from as far as a mile away.  To watch these magnificent animals come running right up to me was just an incredible experience. We saw moose and caribou every day that we hunted and I saw moose of every size including some huge and very smart bulls. Throughout the week I saw six or more trophy class moose and two trophy class caribou.  I waited to just after lunch on the last day of my hunt to harvest my moose – an incredible hunt it was.

Every aspect of the hunt was a great experience including the time spent at camp.  I found the guides very knowledgeable not only of the terrain and hunting but of the region as a whole.  The food prepared by Frank the cook was just incredible.  I enjoyed my evening visits to the guide quarters and I will cherish forever the friendship and camaraderie of the guys. My 77 year old father accompanied me on the trip and had a great time as well.

I look forward to hunting with Sou’wester Outfitting/Caribou Valley again in 2010.”

Terry Warren


“Thank you for an incredible experience! I’ve shared with several men back here that if they want basically a “sure thing” hunt… Dean’s place is the place. I’ve know guys who’ve paid a lot to come back empty handed. The only way I can imagine that happening at Dean’s place is if you can’t shoot!  Which was a challenge for me since I hadn’t shot a gun in 20 years. Just bows for me… but I’m glad that I switched to a gun!”

Barry Park


“Dean, thanks for fulfilling my dream hunt.  It was fantastic. The guides Sam and Brian are two of the finest gentleman I have ever met, and fantastic cooks to boot. They made it a very enjoyable fun filled week in camp.  As for the actual hunt it was an honor to follow in their footsteps and watch them work so hard to see myself fill my moose and caribou tags and my companion fill his moose tag.  GREAT WEEK!

I will definitely recommend anyone who is looking for a true wilderness hunt to look at Canada’s best kept secret, NEWFOUNDLAND.  I will be returning next fall with my son to celebrate our birthdays 40 & 60 and hopefully Little Lake will be our camp again.”

Ron Farrell


“My first hunt with Caribou Valley Outfitters was over 20 years ago.  I’ve just completed my 11th return hunt in 2010 and am looking forward to number 12 in 2011.  A true wilderness hunt with lots of game, the best and hardest working guides, great food and accommodations…. It doesn’t get any better than this.”

Patrick Beland


“Greatest adventure of my life.  The meals were top quality. The guides are the toughest men I have ever met, tenacious and dedicated. In two days I felt we were family. The amenities at camp were so good I had to remember we were in a true wilderness.  Friends for life”

Mike Miller


“A pure and pristine fair chase hunt. The beauty and tranquility of this fly-in hunt is unsurpassed anywhere in the world!  Hard working knowledgeable guides, tremendous food, and great camaraderie all wrapped into this great hunt! Wouldn’t think of choosing any other outfitter in Newfoundland! Will be hunting with Sou’wester Outfitting for many years to come!”

Bart T. Harrison


“Best moose hunt that I have ever been on.  Had my choice of three animals one hour after starting the hunt.  Guides were professional (also professional chefs) and took care of every request.”

Art Reeves


“Shot my 14 point bull on my third day of the hunt.  Saw one record breaking bull but had to settle for another out of the next 12 I saw.  There is no place like Little Lake for moose hunting.”

Gilbert Gannon


“I have had a great hunting experience for four consecutive years (2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010) with Dean Wheeler/Sou’wester Outfitting.  I was able to harvest both moose and caribou the first two years and in 2009 I took all three (moose, caribou and bear).  This past fall I again took moose and caribou.  My hunting experience was well planned, organized and successful.  I plan to return for another hunt in September 2011.  I recommend Dean Wheeler/Sou’wester Outfitting without hesitation for a successful big game hunting experience.”

Charles Oschwald


“My hunt with Sou’wester Outfitting was top notch.  The guides were outstanding…and the camp was equally as good with …excellent meals each and every day.  I would highly recommend Sou’wester Outfitting to anyone interested in a Woodland Caribou or moose hunt in Newfoundland”.

Mike Friddle


“Thanks for a great hunt. The location was great – Little Lake – remote, plenty of game, beautiful. The camp was comfortable, good food, and still could get necessary supplies flown in. Our guides were professional, knowledgeable and fun. I got a beautiful 10 point bull with nice palms first day out, and my partner took a 21 point bull 3rd day. Beautiful country – great memories. Thanks again.”

Steve Hall


“Dean, Thank You For Providing Our Dream Hunt.

Our moose hunting trip was something we had talked about and saved for over 40 years- now grandparents of 12, we can both say that it was the most wonderful trip we have ever taken.

Not only the float plane experience and the exquisite scenery of Newfoundland, but the hospitality shown us by our guides, our pilot and our outfitter.  Also as seniors, our guides geared our hunting experience to minimal walking and bringing our trophy and meat back to the camp.

The MEALS!! Wonderful, old fashioned NFLD cooking. The EVENINGS- Stories and jokes {maybe toned down a bit for a senior lady in the camp}, but SO enjoyable!”

Johan and Mary Plaggenborg