Big Game Hunting in Newfoundland

About Us

caribou Sou’wester Outfitting is a family owned and operated Newfoundland Moose Hunting outfitting service, and has been providing world class hunts in Newfoundland since the early 1990’s. We have 3 modern remote fly-in lodges in Newfoundland and we offer some of the best fully guided single or combination hunts for moose, Woodland Caribou and black bear for hunters. Our hunting lodges reside in a remote location in Newfoundland located in the Buchans Plateau which is wilderness and ecological reserve. Our location provides our hunters with one of the best hunting experiences with the possibility of an once-in-a-lifetime kill that can qualify for Boone and Crockett or Pope and Young recognition.

Newfoundland has long been recognized for its hospitality and the ability to provide its visitors with a cultural experience that is not soon forgotten. Sou’wester Outfitting strives to maintain this tradition and provides its guests with the distinct pleasure of experiencing some of the most enjoyable hunting that Newfoundland has to offer.

Sou’wester Outfitting captivates and promotes the spirit and character that is associated with the proud legacy of its name. A sou’wester is a traditional style waterproof hat worn at sea during stormy weather by fishermen who first settled Newfoundland. These legendary seafarers have provided Newfoundland with a rich heritage that can now be experienced directly through Sou’wester Outfitting. Sou’wester Outfitting is extremely proud to be able to offer its guests the unique opportunity to be guided and entertained by descendants of the courageous men who have shaped our history. These guides have continued the ways of their forefathers and have inherited and developed a prowess for big game hunting that is not easily matched.

Types of Hunting – Sou’wester Outfitting’s Hunts are Spot and Stalk in Nature

Sou’wester Outfitting offers spot and stalk hunting. This requires hiking to the terrain and keeping lookout for the big game of choice. Our hunting lodges are located at Little Lake, Caribou Lake, and Indian Pond.  The land in the immediate area of our lodges offers habitat for all 3 animals.

Whereas Woodland Caribou and black bear are typically found and hunted in open areas, moose on the other hand like more wooded habitats. Woodland Caribou and bear are hunted in an open tundra-like settings with numerous knolls in which a large amount of area can be gauged. The territory provides sparse vegetation and this with the features of the physical landscape, offers hunters an ideal condition for stalking big game. This conditions are ideal for the ultimate rifle, bow or muzzleloader hunting experience.

While moose can be located throughout the area, the majority of the hunting originates in wooded areas near bogs and other open areas.  Moose are frequently spotted at or near a tree line.

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